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As a Brisbane Wedding Photography studio, V for Vision provides top quality photographic and videographic service mainly in Brisbane / Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast area. We have so many unforgettable memories with countless sweet couples and families, we would love to capture more stories for you…

The chief photographer/founder of V For Vision Studio – Vincent Li, has been shooting photos with different themes by using a SLR-camera for almost 15 years. Now, still with the same keen enthusiasm in his photographic work, he constantly creates stunning pictures for customers by his comprehensive shooting skills. As a self-motivated photographer, he continuously explores various ways to create beautiful photos that tell a story, not only because he loves his job, but also because of the joyful smiles from all the happy customers when they recall the beautiful moments by looking at those stunning pictures. With his attention to detail and his passion for photography, you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

As a partner of the studio, Will Chen’s talent in videography never failed to pleasantly surprise Vincent and customers, either on a wedding day celebration or any commercially themed event. Five years’ experience in the industry has enabled him to build excellent relationships with countless clients in Brisbane- some of which are the world top 500 companies, such as Sodexo, EIC Education, SOL, H&T, Ray White and so on. His extensive proficiency and robust background, assures the videography service we provide, remains at a top-quality level.

We understand very well that there are some “golden moments” which are simply unique and unrepeatable and must be captured here and now – with no time to hesitate. Our team is ready and committed to work under pressure and know how to make the time and place work for us. Being excellent storytellers and having a sharp eye for detail we can spot action even if the scenery seems lifeless. Every little thing that makes your wedding special will not go unnoticed. Being professional is the minimum requirement for us. We always go beyond our clients’ expectations, not merely because we are professional, but also because of the passion we have to create perfect images on each and every single time the shutter closes and re-opens.

All queries are welcomed, and we are more than happy to provide any customised service that fits your requirements.



Q: What is non-retouched/retouched photo?
A: Non-retouched photo: We use professional software to adjust the general items of the image, such as white balance, colour balance, exposure, contrast, saturation and so on.
Retouched photo: Further editing of the image focus on more details, such as make up correction, remove of the spots, skin smoothing, sharpness adjustment and the like.

Q: How many pictures will I receive?
A: We deliver about 50-100 pictures per hour, yet the actual quantity varies due to the number of guests, the size of the event, the weather conditions and so on. Our package page shows the minimum quantity of images you will get. Our photographers always try to deliver as many beautiful photos as possible for our clients at no extra charge. 

Q: How long will it take to receive all the photos?
A: Our goal is to deliver the final photographs within four weeks, yet this time may be longer due to work load at the time. The maximum would not be more than eight weeks. However, we can submit one or two pictures to you within three days so you can share them on social media to announce your marriage.

Q: How do you deliver photos & videos?
A: All photos & videos will be saved in a card USB flash drive and delivered to you through Australian post.


Q: How do we book and pay for the service? Is the booking fee refundable?
A: We strongly recommend you pay the deposit as soon as you make the final decision, especially during the wedding peak season of the year. The deposit secures the day you book. Deposit is 30% of the whole amount of package price of your choice, an outstanding fee is required to be paid before the day of service or on that day. Fifty percent of deposit is refundable if you cancel the service 30 days or more before the original date of service. If within 30 days, it is non-refundable.

Q: Will our photos be saved forever?
A: We will keep all your pictures for 30 calendar days. The USB drive we provide is only for temporary hand over purpose, we strongly recommend you save all the images to your personal computer or hard drive the first time you receive them. We are not responsible for the loss of images due to any damage of the USB device we provide after 30 calendar days.

Q: What are printing rights and copyrights?
A: Printing rights allow the client to print and share photos with their family and friends via traditional paper media or social media, but without the rights to sell them, publish them or claim ownership. Copyright is the legal term claiming the ownership of picture, which we keep. By keeping copyright, we are able to protect the images if they are used for profit without permission by any other company. 

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