Wedding Photography

V For Vision Photography, provides top-quality wedding photography service in the Brisbane area.

“Love is like magic, and it always will be.”
Our images are spontaneous, and our presence during the wedding day, hidden and respectful.
Our wedding photography team draw our inspiration from your stories, and from the places you have chosen to tell them.
We seek the most authentic aspects, sincere gestures and intimacy between two souls; two lovers.
As specialist in wedding photography we aim to portray your tale, expressing such feelings in a true, intimate and poetic manner.

Love Stories

Just married: Stephanie and Brayden's Wedding day

The little shower on that day made it a moment that lasts forever.

Kira and Brooke's Wedding day.

“Thankyou for doing such an amazing job on our wedding day, we had so much fun with you!.”

–  Kira & Brooke

Listy and Ashgon's engagement day and wedding day.

“We chose V For Vision for both engagement and wedding day. Vincent and the team are so easy to deal with, they are very professional and they know what they are doing. We are so happy with the photos and videos!”

                      -Listy & Ashgon

Andrew and Nikki's Wedding day.

“Thank you very much for the photos. We have had a look through them and you have done an amazing job. We are very happy with them, and very happy with the service you provided.”

–  Andrew & Nikki

Emma and Laz's Wedding day.

“Vincent truly went above and beyond to capture these amazing memories and details of our day we will absolutely remember for all of time. He put so much effort in getting the right shot and the perfect light. The selection of the touched up prints are beautiful not to mention the 900 odd raw images too which are still fabulous. Thank you thank you thank you!!


–  Emma & Laz

Belinda and Josh's joyful wedding at Ecostudio Fellini.

“We had a good look at the photos a few nights ago mate they turned out absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer!”

– Josh & Belinda

Gervinder and Winnie's Indian style Wedding.

Gervinder and Winnie’s wedding reinterpreted what is traditional and what is modern to us.


Safia & Gaurav's Engagement Party.

“Thank you so much, we will be hiring you for the wedding and further photo shoots for us and the entire family! “

–  Safia & Gaurav

Maud and Eric's wedding at Mantra on salt beach.

“Photos and video are just fantastic thank you so much! “

–  Maud & Eric

Suzette and David's Wedding at Lakelands Golf Club.

“Thank you so much for the lovely photos!”

–  Suzzette & David

Brodie and Elle's short and sweet wedding in Manely.

“Thank you so much for capturing those remarkable moments for us. “

–  Brodie & Elle

Chris&Rina's short and sweet wedding

“Vincent and his assistant were very friendly, professional and knew how to get the best photos and capture our special moments. “

–  Rina & Chris

Engagement: Irina and MJ's pre-wedding at Kangaroo Point.

“All my families love your work, Vincent is absolutely amazing in wedding photography!”

Irina & MJ

Engagement: Tica and Sam's pre-wedding at Maleny.

“Thanks a ton for taken those stunning pictures for us, the more we look at them, the more we love them!”

Sam & Tica

Engagement: Chloe and Andy's pre-wedding at Wellington Point.

“We had a beautiful day with this warm-hearted couple, Andy even cooked some dishes by himself and brought to us for a picnic lunch on that day… And, the most excited thing is we had chance to captured the most beautiful sunset.”


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